Poder Pessoal!

Embrace the month of may, because it brings us opportunities for changes and to assume our personal power!

This month, nothing can continue as it was! For growing implies embracing the new leaving the old and here, concepts, habits and all our comfort areas will be challenged. Don’t wait for the other to change, don’t even expect the professional situation to change, change you the way you face situations, change habits, change your mental pattern, because this month the theme is personal power! And, personal power is to assume mental power, it is to be aware that we create what we want, it is to be aware of our internal dialogue, it is to assume the gifts and capabilities and recognize our limitations as challenges, it is not to From the actions of others, it is to take 100 percent responsibility of our life – result of our actions. It is to know that there are moments that we are the cause and other moments.

Your Personal Power, internal strength, courage and determination will allow you to make the necessary changes for your growth, expansion and natural expression of personality.
Is and put into action what you want most now, for you, because only so you will be able to see horizons that otherwise you would not see and you will know that you are more.

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